KAFCO procurement policy is focused on purchasing the right material at the right time from a reliable and reputable source. We are well experienced in purchasing specified materials and equipment for particular tasks utilizing foreign and local vendors diligently prequalified by our team of experts.

KAFCO purchasing power and networking extend across many countries and to this extend all banking related activities and shipping arrangements are set up accordingly. With complex world transportation, our shipping can plan, coordinate and monitor movements of materials and equipment anywhere in the world.

Our supply operation has tried to meet the demand of oil, gas and petrochemical, power industries, Steel industry, Food & beverage, cement, copper & mine that extremely require high levels of flexibility. KAFCO as service organization that highly specialized in procurement and supply provides a wide range of materials and equipment. Our capability to supply goods of all types to specification, cost and time is proven. Long-term cooperation with local manufactures and association with renowned and major manufacturers and suppliers across Europe, Far East, and the sub-continent, have given us the strength to come up with All-in-One solution.

All components procured by us are fully inspected and tested to ensure they meet the requirements of the project/ customer contract. This enables us to confirm compliance to the:

  • Quality and reliability requirements
  • Cost constraints/budget
  • Delivery schedule


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